Radio and television production is another KR specialty.
Please click the below links to enjoy a selection of our spots.


KR Radio Sampler (5:03, 4.3 MB)


KN Energy (now Kinder Morgan): "We Warm the Heartland” branding effort (1:02, 10.1 MB)
Laramie County Community College (LCCC): Climb to Success (:31, 4.6 MB)
Laramie County Community College (LCCC): Award-winning "dog” spot (:32, 4.7 MB)
Laramie County Community College (LCCC): "Matching the Spirit” campaign spot (:33, 3.9 MB)
Peak Wellness Center: Depression PSA (:30, 1.7 MB)
Peak Wellness Center: Name change announcement (:32, 3.1 MB)
The Group Real Estate: Becky Hammon Cameo (:32, 5.1 MB)
Western Wyoming Community College: Make a Move...for Your Future (:32, 5.1 MB)
Wyoming Department of Agriculture: Chris LeDoux PSA (:33, 5.1 MB)
Wyoming Travel & Tourism: Where Have You Been...? (proposed, 1:02, 10.1 MB)
Wyoming Tribune-Eagle: News on Your Terms (:31, 4.9 MB)

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